4 Foods You Think Cause Weight Gain (But Don’t)

As of late, everyone seems to become more and more interested in losing weight, staying fit, and having an overall healthier lifestyle.

Especially with the rise in popularity of the Internet, many opinions have started circulating online regarding what foods should be included in an appropriate diet that not only helps us lose weight fast, but also keeps us healthy and provides the necessary nutrients. Unfortunately, due to the very nature of the online medium, many of these opinions are uninformed and cause the unnecessary birth of myths surrounding certain foods.

Actually, maintaining a diet that is rich in dairy, carbohydrates and certain fatty foods is essential in order to keep your body well-fed and energized. A diet that contains all the necessary nutrients is actually the best ally our bodies have in the fight against extra weight. Here are a few foods that have been wrongly accused of making us gain weight, but in fact help us lose some.

Potatoes, Pasta and RicePotatoes, Pasta and Rice

Ever since the dawn of lifestyle blogs, carbohydrates have been continuously shunned and accused of being the main culprits in weight gain, but the truth is that they are actually crucial to a balanced diet. Carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes, pasta, and rice are a great source of potassium and fibers, which are crucial for living a healthy life. They also help you feel fuller, which means that you eat less. One baked potato is not only a better source of potassium than two whole bananas, but it will also satisfy your hunger faster.


A few slices of cheese are crucial to a healthy diet because they provide our bodies with essential muscle-building protein. What is more, cheese is digested slower than other foods, which automatically implies that it will keep your hunger at bay for longer. However, try to avoid over-processed cheese and cheese-based foods such as nachos or store-bought mac and cheese. A small piece of cheese along with an apple is a great snack option that keeps you both healthy and well-fed.


Nuts were seen as a potential danger in the way of weight loss due to the fact they are high in calories and it is easy to eat excessive amounts while snacking. But the truth is that some nuts, especially almonds, are a valuable addition to your diet if you want to lose weight because they satisfy hunger and decrease blood sugar levels. Almonds can be added into any oatmeal or cereal-based breakfast, and can also be consumed as a delicious afternoon snack.


GuacamoleGuacamole has also been a no-go when it comes to diets, due to the tendency to consume it as a dip alongside unhealthy junk foods, such as potato chips or nachos. But replace these with carrot sticks or celery and you’ve got yourself a snack that is not only tasty but also has great health benefits due to the fact that is made mostly out of avocado.

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